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The final results of last night's Board of Education result, CTA's endorsed candidates took the three open seats. ...

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At the recent “Meet the Candidates Night,” sponsored by the PTA Council and Summit County League of Women Voters, one of the incumbent Board of Education members addressed a question regarding how the Board communicates with teachers. The answer was: recently the Assistant Superintendent, Brian Williams, met with twenty-six groups of teachers to ask what teachers needed in their classrooms, and that, in response, only one group gave an answer, which was “dry erase markers.” The incumbent continued by saying that “they got their markers the next day.”

During these twenty-six meetings, teachers and administration collaborated many hours on test scores and how to best help our students. Sadly, CTA feels the response at the Candidates Night was a misrepresentation of both our working relationship with Mr. Williams and the work we accomplished during worthwhile meetings.

High achieving schools have the Board, Administration, Teachers and Support staff all on the same page. This Tuesday, the residents of Copley-Fairlawn have the chance to set the district on a path to renewed excellence by electing new Board members that are forward thinking, supports the district’s staff and the parents, and makes it a priority to support all of the district’s students. Jim Borchik, Steve Coon, and Paula Lynn have the kind of experience our community, students, and staff need.

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